Saturday, March 28, 2009

Note to Self

Note, part 1.  Next time you think about committing yourself in public to do a year-long blogging project on a near daily basis... stop!  Drink some tea!  Calm down!  Ask hard questions of yourself.  Let's think about this for a while...

Note, part 2.  If I am finding it hard, some days, to get up enthusiasm to deal with the Peace Conference, what must those folks in Paris in 1919 have felt like?  I can empathize!


  1. For quite some time now I have been fascinated with how World War I shaped the 20th century. So, just to encourage you, I have enjoyed your blog tremendously. I don't think you need to feel like you must blog daily. Perhaps you could do fewer articles (even once a month) that are more in depth. I see you are a history professor; maybe you could even "copy and paste" some of your previous writings. Just some thoughts...

  2. Many thanks for your encouragement and kind words! I appreciate your good suggestions, too. Good ideas. I will work on this. Best regards!

  3. I have been enjoying this blog since I first discovered it weeks ago. I look forward to every post, and I must say you always leave us hanging in suspense!

  4. FWIW, I've been greatly enjoying the series so far. Blogging regularly is pretty tough work though, esp. if you want it to be useful & informative, not just 'today I ran 2 miles' fluff.

    1. Many thanks, VERY belatedly, for your comment, and for reading the blog. All the best, tht


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